Service Equipment

Electrical panels are the most important service equipment in your home. The circuits for your lights, outlets, and all electrical equipment in your home stem from your electrical service panel. Preventative maintenance keeps them functional and industry compliant, while saving you costly down time and unwanted safety hazards. 

Audio / Visual

Each customer has specific desires when it comes to audio / visual design. We work closely with the customer to meet their needs while adhering to industry standards and latest technological advances. 

  • Surround Sound Systems and Speakers
  • Home Theater Projector Installation
  • Flat Screen TV Installation
  • Computer/ Home Network Integration

Interior / Exterior Lighting

The proper lighting design is key to creating a welcoming ambiance for a fully functioning home. With the latest innovation in lighting automation, SIEGE ELECTRIC creates themes and scenes to fit your desired mood. 

  • Lighting Automated Systems
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Decorative/Task Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting