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About Siege Electric

Established in 2017, Siege Electric is 1 of 3 California state-certified MBE, SBE, SLBE, DBE, DVBE, and SDVOSB electrical contractors that specialize in Commercial, Public Works, Building Technologies, and Sustainability Services located in the Southern California region. This unique group of certifications allows Siege Electric to participate in large projects that bring employment opportunities to the community.

Siege Electric is a specialty electrical contractor that provides fully integrated infrastructure solutions for commercial and public/municipal industries with a diverse, skilled, and accredited labor force. Our strategic focus on public works and government funded projects allows us to return tax dollars to the local communities and employ persons from local, disadvantaged, formerly incarcerated, and veteran communities.

Through continuing education and strategic partnerships, Siege Electric has established a forward-thinking, solutions-first culture. This “taking power by force” mentality has positioned us to boldly expand and establish Siege Electric as a trusted contractor of choice for our customers.


Skilled & Trained Craft Workforce


Miles of Conduit and Wire installed in 2023


CEO Honorably completes 5yr United States Navy service, including 8,000-hour USMAP recognized by Dept of Labor
CEO earns CA General Electrician Certification
CEO and COO enter IBEW/NECA Electrical Apprenticeship
CEO and COO successfully complete over 11,000 hours of combined field and classroom training to graduate IBEW/NECA Electrical Apprenticeship
CEO successfully qualifies and earns California C-10 License
Siege Electric is founded
Siege is awarded 1st public works contract and hires 1st full-time employee (Current COO)
Siege has completed 23 projects with 16 peak employees
35+ projects completed


The mission of Siege Electric is to provide the finest leadership, accountability, and productivity the construction industry demands and respects. Through transparency, responsiveness, and consistency, we provide efficient and innovative solutions that deliver optimum results.

With safety as our priority, we aim to provide prompt, honest, and reliable electrical contracting solutions to Southern California. Through our diverse experience combined with our beliefs in providing the highest standard of service and customer satisfaction, Siege Electric is on the path to becoming one of the premier electrical contractors in Southern California.


Completed Projects in 3 Counties (LA, SD, OC)

100K+ Hours

Worked with 0 Lost Time, 0 Recordable Incidents Since 2019



Courage is the value that gives Siege Electric the fortitude to take necessary and calculated risks that lead to opportunities to provide innovative and efficient solutions. As we embrace the future, we champion bold initiatives with innovation and responsiveness, firmly believing that every project is ambitious yet simple.


Leadership sets a foundation to strive for positive change and personal improvement. Every team member is encouraged to adopt an owner’s attitude, seek and take responsibility, deploy initiative, and lead in their own right. Through our servant leadership philosophy, we continually push boundaries, break new ground, and set industry standards.


Integrity allows our actions to be consistent with our words and our words to be consistent with our objectives. To meet our customers’ shared goals, we insist that project cohesiveness and collaboration are not compromised by implementing equitable and indiscriminate solutions. To deliver optimum results, we pledge inclusivity, transparency, and clarity to every partnership.

Get in touch to learn more about becoming part of the team. 

Get in touch to learn more about becoming part of the team. 

Get in touch to learn more about becoming part of the team. 

Get in touch to learn more about becoming part of the team. 

Get in touch to learn more about becoming part of the team. 

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